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Our Mission


At the beginning of 2020, we became aware of the impact of the severe pandemic on parents in Hong Kong, when schooling was suspended, and parents and children were trapped at home without any outlet.  In view of the situation, we called on nearly 40 experienced play therapists with degrees in social worker or counseling in April to volunteer their time, and then recruited 200 parents through a number of kindergartens and primary schools.  We offered 6 sessions of "Child-Parent Play" training for these parents through online groups (6-10 parents in each group).  The goal was to equip these parents with the skills of play therapy, so that they could be their children's "counselors".

On completion of those courses, we conducted a review. The results were very encouraging to us, and hence further motivated us to continue our long-standing dream and mission, which is to promote "Child Parent Relationship Therapy" to every parent with children between the ages of 2 to 10 in Hong Kong. We strongly believe “the changes in parents impact the life of the child”. These changes can not only prevent future problems and tragedies, but also remediates children's current emotional problems. 


In July 2020, we began to establish the “Child Parent Relationship Therapy Association of Hong Kong (CPRTHK)” (non-profit organization Reference No. 91/17803), with the hope to use our professional knowledge and experiences to support parents in nurturing healthy, happy, confident and self-loving children, such that the next generation of Hong Kong might be mentally healthy and parents can have better support and skills.

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