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Recruitment of Trainers


During the epidemic situation in early 2020, a group of our enthusiastic co-workers launched a “Child Parent Relationship Therapy” (CPRT) service, recruiting nearly 200 parents of kindergarten and elementary school students. The parents were then divided into 21 groups, and 6 sessions of CPRT training were offered online to the parents on a voluntary basis. The effectiveness of the CPRT group was quite encouraging, both in terms of children's emotional behavior and parents' parenting skills.


The trainers consist of individuals with play therapy training and experience. We have a dream and mission to promote CPRT to every parent in Hong Kong. It is because changes in parents are important to children's growth, hence, we set up an organization- Child Parent Relationship Therapy Association of Hong Kong (CPRTHK) in the hope to realize and continue our dream and mission. In addition to raising funds, we also need more mentors. If you have the following experience/qualifications, please contact us:


  • Degree in Social Work or Counseling;

  • Training in systematic Child-centered Play Therapy;

  • Experience in conducting play therapy.


To ensure consistency in our philosophy and quality of service, we will screen all applicants. If you have no experience in leading CPRT, you may assist in leading a full course first before being assigned to lead a group independently. For each course, we have 2 to 3 supervised sessions to learn and share experiences among trainers.  There is no chance for fame or fortune here, only passion and mission to serve children and parents.  If you are interested, you can join us as co-workers and set off together.

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